Adrien Treuille

CEO, Streamlit


Adrien Treuille is an Assistant Professor of computer science and robotics at Carnegie Mellon University, working in the computer graphics group. He received his PhD under Zoran Popovic in the computer graphics group at the University of Washington, and was a postdoc in the Baker Group under Zoran Popovic and David Baker. He was one of the creators of Foldit, the computer game where users contribute to science by folding proteins. He also pursues research in the simulation and animation of very high-dimensional nonlinear phenomena like animal morphology, human motion, and large fluid systems. One thread of his research addresses the complexity of such systems by developing model reduction tools that generate compact representations. A complementary thread seeks to control such systems, which means learning to set inputs to produce desired effects. While he seeks theoretical advances, he is also deeply interested in the implications for science and engineering of these techniques, from fluid dynamics to laying down a joint cognitive and biomechanical basis for animal motion.