Asperger's Are Us

Comedy Troupe


Asperger’s Are Us is an American comedy troupe. They are the first comedy troupe consisting entirely of people with Asperger syndrome, though their shows do not reference autism at all.Asperger’s Are Us formed on the North Shore of Massachusetts in the summer of 2010 after New Michael Ingemi, Jack Hanke, and Ethan Finlan graduated from a summer camp where Noah Britton was their counselor. They have performed over 100 original sketch comedy shows in ten countries and have been interviewed many times by press around the world. They explain that their name reflects their "Aspie style of humor, which focuses on dark absurdism and wordplay, which Aspies seem to enjoy a lot". A Duplass Brothers Productions documentary about the troupe was released on Netflix in late 2016. A follow-up, On Tour with Asperger's Are Us, debuted on HBO on April 30, 2019. Asperger's Are Us disbanded in 2018, but reunited and continued to tour in 2019.