Carly Ayres

Writer & Creative Director


Carly Ayres is a writer and creative director. Previously, she was a partner and co-founder at HAWRAF, an interactive design and technology design studio based in New York. She runs 100sUnder100, an inclusive community of hundreds of creative people under a hundred years of age. In 2017, she was named by FastCompany as one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business. From sound-reactive identities to mirrored selfie posters, HAWRAF made work that engaged people in new and interesting ways. Launched in 2016, the Brooklyn-based studio had a client roster boasting large companies like Google, Facebook, Intercom, Automattic, Hasbro, Buzzfeed, as well as independent artists and designers such as Taeyoon Choi, Mark Horowitz, Visibility, and CW&T. Prior to HAWRAF, Carly worked as a writer humanizing artificial intelligence and evolving the Google logo. She's given voices to Fortune 500 companies and chatbots alike, as well as written extensively on design for publications like Communication Arts, Wallpaper*, and Core77. She has spoken at conferences from Stockholm to Belfast on how to treat design like a conversation and why you should invite your audience to say something back.