Marika Anthony-Shaw

Violist & CEO, Plus 1


Marika Anthony-Shaw is a Canadian violinist who was a touring member of the band Arcade Fire and played viola on their albums Neon Bible and The Suburbs. Prior to her current role, she was an Orchestra (Strings) teacher at Lindsay Place High School located on the West Island of Montreal. She has also played viola on the albums Set Yourself on Fire by Stars and Recording a Tape the Colour of the Light by Bell Orchestre. The PLUS 1 Founder was a member of the Grammy-winning band Arcade Fire when the band decided they wanted to start giving back by leveraging what they did well — music and connecting with their fans. “One of the things about Arcade Fire that I really admire is that we kind of sat down and we were like wait, what are we good at?" says Shaw. "We took the time to think through how we could do something that really moves the needle."