Mike Butera

Founder & CEO, Artiphon, Inc.


Dr. Mike Butera founded Artiphon in Nashville, TN in 2011. He holds a Ph.D. in Sound Studies from Virginia Tech, has toured the country as a multi-instrumentalist, taught as a professor of sociology, and consulted globally as a consumer electronics designer. Mike’s doctoral work in the phenomenology of listening laid the groundwork for Artiphon’s design principles, and he frequently speaks on topics of music technology and augmented creativity. Back in 2015, Artiphon raised $1.3 million for the Instrument 1 on Kickstarter, blowing past its goal of $75,000. The new funding is a more traditional investment, led by Warner Music Group — in fact, it’s the first publicly announced investment from WMG Boost, Warner’s seed investment fund for music-related startups.